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I get frustrated with the music industry sometimes. It seems like bands are constantly posting about writing and recording new songs, but it feels like it takes forever for fans to actually hear something, if they ever hear anything at all. I understand both sides. As an artist, I want to record demo after demo. Listen to Mix Version 1 compared to Mix Version 4. “Let me re-write those chorus lyrics one more time. I haven’t quite nailed it yet.” “Did they take out some of the bottom end in Mastering? It doesn’t sound quite as punchy.” Blah Blah Blah. That’s the OCD perfectionist in me who wants to make everything just right so people will understand. Why? Because I care. I want my music to make whoever’s listening to it feel like it makes me feel when I’m performing it. The other side of me is the kid who is just a massive fan of music. When I see bands posting about working on new songs, I wanna hear what they’re working on instantly. I’ll read a tweet like “Working on a new song called “WILLY WONKA HOODLE DOODLE”! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!” What if when the record comes out in 3 months on the “Official Release Date” and “WILLY WONKA HOODLE DOODLE” isn’t on it? As a fan, I’m gonna wish I would’ve heard the song. I post about being in the studio a lot and wanted to write this blog for the kids like me who just wanna hear what their favorite bands are working on. This is for the people who just love music and want to feel like they’re in a moment with a band that they dig. This song isn’t a part of our new record. It’s just me saying thank you for supporting our music by inviting you into this Unmastered Rough Mix Demo World of mine.. This is Rough Mix Version 1 of “Lay You Down”

Thanks to Jaren Johnston for working on this one with us. You guys go check out The Cadillac Black. They rock. 

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